Self Publishing

Unlike most printers, we have half a century of publishing experience -- which we are happy to share with authors who wish to self publish, or publish on behalf of a society or establishment. We can advise or undertake any part of the publishing process on your behalf.

  • Editing - With seven editors on our staff we can offer a complete creative and copy editing service in both English and Welsh.

  • Design - Our experienced designers will ensure that your book layout is as attractive as in our own publications - and design your cover, too.

  • Printing and bookbinding - We can print in all formats and in different types of binding, whether 'perfect' (glue) bound, spiral bound or stapled, and in hardback; also we can print digitally for economical short runs.

  • Distrubution and storage - We can advise you on how to get your book out to shops and to Amazon; and store your book at low cost in one of our Talybont warehouses.

  • E-books - We can convert your book to e-book in either Kindle (Amazon) and/or E-pub format.

  • Advice - Most importantly, we can give you authoritative advice on all aspects of the publishing process, including book pricing and distribution. We can also advise you on marketing and technicalities like getting an ISBN number. Please ring to arrange a chat about your needs.

As well as printing your book, we can, of course, also publish it for you in the normal way! +Click here for more information about getting your book published.