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A guide to sending files

We welcome PDF files that have been correctly produced, but it may be safer to 'package' the job (or 'collect for output') from your layout programme. This gives us all the relevant files, enabling us to access the original images and fonts in case of problems.

Our preferred programmes are Quark and InDesign (both Mac and PC). We can accept work done in Word, Publisher, Pagemaker, Freehand and Corel Draw but there could be an extra charge to prepare these files for printing.

Some points to remember when supplying any work to print:
all colour images should be in four colours (CMYK, not RGB);
images should have a resolution of 300dpi;
preferably use Postscript or Open Type fonts (by the way, we can supply Welsh fonts free of charge);
allow 5mm around the page for bleeds;
crop marks should be placed 6mm from the edge of the page.

You can send us any files of up to 8Mb as an email attachment. If your files are bigger, use the Sendit website -- contact for details.